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16 janeiro, 2023

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This is the programme that aims to train recent graduates with a little professional experience, and who are not satisfied with their evolution in their current job.


We want to change the way young people are integrated into the labour market, offering them an exciting career with room for progression, key factors for the success of any professional today.

Here are two testimonials from our employees, Bruno Costa and Maxim Pastuh, about their participation in the career acceleration programme: Career Boost.

Testimonial of Bruno Costa:

“My name is Bruno Costa and I joined agap2IT through the Carreer Boost model. I'm in the last year of my degree and my professional experience before joining the company was 1 year of professional internship.

What was offered to me at the time of the interview was initial training in C# and good development practices. The training was extremely valuable. We learnt how to plan a project from scratch through various approaches, as well as working in a team in order to achieve goals in the given times. I have been in this model for 1.5 months and I have always received a lot of support and there has always been a lot of willingness to help me. One of my biggest fears when joining a large company with complex projects was the fear of not being able to quickly get used to the company's methodologies and end up falling behind. The Carreer Boost allows us during the development of an internal project to slowly get used to what the company expects from us, but in a much more controlled environment with less pressure.

I would definitely recommend this model to everyone who wants to enter the labour market. The support and training I received was very useful for me to be able to adapt and join other more complex projects later on.”

Testimonial of Maxim Pastuh:

“Right at the beginning there was a brief but concise presentation to agap2IT and its various departments and teams that take care of the various projects, being the Labs department the one that most sparked my interest.

In the first instance, when we were presented with the project theme and an overview of the structure, I already knew that it would be an interesting and challenging project.

After a period to read and understand the theme we had a training on concepts and practices of development at agap2IT.

This whole process so far, apart from a few minor details, has been a very positive and inclusive experience. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to grow with members of the Labs team, hopefully joining them in the near future."